The NWBA Difference

One of the many merits of New World Basketball Academy is that it provides school age children with an organized event where they can learn, socialize, and most of all have fun in safe and positive environment. Using basketball as the vehicle, New World provides young athletes with the opportunity to improve their overall physical fitness, develop sportsmanship, self-confidence all while gaining a better understanding of the game of basketball.

Blackboards & Backboards

We understand that being a student athlete is challenging. In today’s society, success has two meanings for student athletes…excel in sports as well as excel in the classroom. We believe that instilling our youth with the essential academic, organizational, and time management skills are components of a great STUDENT. We also believe that developing a good fundamental skill set, sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline are all components of becoming a great ATHLETE.

Point Post Training

Point Guard Training exposes the player to these skills by teaching them to: *Master the skills that every coach seeks in their point guard and much more!

Post Player Training is designed for any player who handles the ball down low and wants to maximize their performance in the paint.


Each athlete will participate in an intense, comprehensive training program that will include a weekly skill, body and knowledge building regimen. Our Training Program will offer each athlete a series of weekly workouts that consist of individual skill development, small group instruction and game simulation sessions. Our program will also offer performance training, core and flexibility work, as well as technique shooting exercises. In addition, we will provide each athlete with a customized resistance training program and film session opportunities to monitor his/her on-court progress.

Private Training

We offer the opportunity for the beginning player to learn the game of basketball in a fun, yet demanding environment that allows the player to develop a love and respect for the game of basketball, and gain personal confidence. We also offer the opportunity for the more advanced player to improve their current skills, learn new skills and take their game to the next level while enhancing their love and respect for the game and building their self-esteem.

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  • Thanksgiving Break

    November 25-27
  • Winter Break

    December 23 - January 1
  • School Closed

    January 22
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